How Do I Make an Good Quality Property Ad?

We have provided an easy way to measure the quality of your property ad, the Ad Quality Score.

The Ad Quality Score measures the quality of your ad based on the information you've included. It's expressed as a percentage e.g. 50% would represent an ad that needs some work.

You can improve the quality of the ad by making sure you've included the following:

  • Photos - at least 5
  • A description of your property and the location
  • Key features of your property - up to 8
  • A description of each room (see the Rooms tab)

You can edit your ad at any time so if you have any ideas for improvement you can add them whenever you like.

Property Ad Content Rules

Property ad content will be automatically filtered to remove phone numbers, email addresses, website links and domain names.

Contact details are not permitted in the ad descriptions or within images.

Property ads will be checked before they are published. An ad moderator will ensure that that phone numbers, email addresses, website links and domain names have been removed and that appropriate language is used to describe the property.

More help: Letting Your Property